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MySkin IO Finswimming CMAS


Approvato: Cmas

Punti di forza: più galleggiabilità, idrorepellente, made in Italy, 1 anno di garanzia, saldature strutturali, più facile da indossare rispetto ai precedenti modelli.

Composition Textile:  Polyamid Elastan

Colore: Black, Red, Blue

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From today on, it will be your style

Our goal was almost paradoxical: we wanted iO to be extremely fast, but at the same time so comfortable and lightweight that you hardly notice wearing it. A swimsuit that allows you to do extraordinary things, amplifying your talent, supporting useful movements for advancement, and limiting those that increase drag. The result? Increased speed, faster and longer dives. Aquarius MySkin iO is all of this, and even something more.


Pure power in the purest design

To achieve the sophisticated profile of the new MySkin iO, we started from a complex biomechanical study, designing its structure to bring together multiple qualities in one swimsuit. It’s not just more performant; it’s even enhancing, thanks to the innovative functional return system of the stroke. Intense colors, high contrast, and it only takes 240 seconds to put it on.


Designed to win

To create such an extraordinary profile, we have made an exceptional leap forward in technological innovation. Inside and out, every single component of the MySkin iO has been defined and meticulously designed. What you see is design marrying technology: it’s a true work of art and ingenuity made in Italy.


Furesy system: innovative, sensational, unparalleled

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the swimsuit, we have studied the new Furesy system that incorporates the essence of pure performance. It’s a unique and innovative system of functional return for the stroke. You won’t believe your eyes when you wear the new MySkin iO; it will guide you in your best performances.


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Black, Blue, Red