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Thermal suit

Warming up

TR-Suit was born from the need to monitor the temperature
body to obtain the best possible performance.
Applied studies demonstrate how the ideal range of
muscle activation is a higher degree centigrade
at basal temperature.
The suit allows you to thermoregulate the body without danger
of liquid losses and temperature changes.

NASA technology

The PCMs inserted inside microcapsules maintain body temperature and body temperature
constant contact, and act to store excess heat in the event of an increase in
themselves, in order to then be able to release the accumulated heat if the temperature were to drop.
Temperature fluctuations, whether caused by external factors, climate or air conditioning systems, or by
nervous tension, no longer negatively affect performance, allowing the body, even in
case the location does not guarantee the ideal timing for the warm-up phase, to always be in one
ideal condition to ensure the best possible performance. Thanks to active compensation it is
established in a situation of complete comfort, the optimal climate for each individual athlete.


  • Ceramic inserts
  • Easy to wear
  • keeps muscles warm

  • You can wear it no to a moment before of the race

  • Temperatura ideale per la prestazione

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