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High-performance fabrics: the materials used are excellent from aerospace origin used to offer high performance, such as high compression and very low hysteresis woven fabrics in polymer-derived materials. These enhance the water-repellent and resistance characteristics and allow the water to slide better, producing less friction which translates into better athletic performance times. Polyurethane thermo-weldings offer greater resistance and reliability over time. The costumes are made and produced in Italy and follow fit and comfort.

Strengths: Advanced technology
Fit: snug fit and design
Dedicated assistance: we are certain of the quality of our costumes and we offer dedicated assistance, repairs and replacements to all our customers.

Silicone: Our silicone headphones, in addition to an attractive design and graphics, are designed to offer high performance and minimize friction with the water. Furthermore, they are soft and flexible, perfectly fitting the shape of your head and ensuring greater comfort during the swim.

Goggles:  Aquarius swimming goggles feature lenses that reduce glare caused by sunlight reflected off the surface of the water. This way, athletes can see the bottom of the pool more clearly and have greater precision in turning. In general, Olympic athletes always try to use the best materials available to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort in the water. Thanks to constant innovation and technological research, the materials used continually evolve, always offering new solutions to improve performance.


Performance fabrics

High Longevity

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About us

Since I started using Aquarius products for swimming competitions, I have noticed a marked improvement in my performance. The swimsuits are made of lightweight, highly elastic materials that allow me to move easily in the water. Furthermore, the fabrics are resistant to chlorine and maintain their original shape over time, offering a perfect fit. The Aquarius swimming goggles are really comfortable and do not leave marks on the face after use. Their built-in UV protection gives me peace of mind when swimming in the sun. Thanks to Aquarius, I feel confident and prepared to face every race. I couldn’t ask for more from a swimming brand!

Giacomo B.

I’ve always had trouble finding a swimsuit that is both comfortable and durable. Then I discovered Aquarius and never looked back! Their swimsuits are made from premium materials that offer great support and fit. I was impressed by the durability of the fabrics, which do not fade even after long periods of use in the pool. Additionally, the anti-fog technology of the swimming goggles allowed me to focus on my races without having to worry about visibility issues. Aquarius has become my trusted brand for all my competitive swimming needs!

Natalie C.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with Aquarius swim competition products! As a competitive swimmer, I have tried several brands over the years, but I have to say that Aquarius stands out with its high-quality materials. The swimsuits are made with chlorine-resistant fabrics that retain their shape even after numerous uses, ensuring long-lasting comfort. Furthermore, the swimming goggles offer clear vision underwater thanks to their anti-fog lenses. Thanks to Aquarius, I have improved my performance in the water and feel at the top of my game. I highly recommend Aquarius products to any other swimmers looking for exceptional quality and performance.

Giulio l.


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